Window Cleaning

Sun Cleaning Corp currently caters for all domestic and low reach commercial window and glass cleaning. With the use of a variety of environmentally friendly window cleaning chemicals and techniques your glass and windows will be left sparkling each and every time.


Having the capability to conduct window and glass cleaning up to four stories, our window cleaning team use a specialised pure water treatment system. The benefits of using pure water to effectively clean windows and glass are not only environmental but cost saving eliminating the need in many cases for expensive and toxic glass cleaners.


Along with its environmental benefits, the pure water treatment system used will leave your glass looking sharper than ever as the water runs through a unique purification system which in 99% of cases eliminates the need for tedious squeegee work, saving time, ultimately saving you money.

All window and glass cleaning can be quoted per hour or per job in order to provide you with the most cost-effective window cleaning solution. Contact us now for an obligation free site inspection or a demonstration on how our pure water treatment system works.

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